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Relaxing Roman Music - Aetas Romana

You can get the song here, together with all my other music, the song number is 348:
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My homage to ancient Rome. Aetas Romana is Latin and means "the age of Rome".
With this song I tried to create something that takes me back to the time in which Rome was at its peak and stretched from Britannia to Syria over snow-covered plains to scorching deserts. The song itself is not like Illyricum, which was meant to be as traditional as possible. In this song I chose a composing style closer to movie scores, which gives much more room for dramatics and feelings of awe and mystery. The first 4min are actually a different scale than most of the later parts, it starts with an Arabian scale and then transitions into Aeolian minor which is a classic European scale. So in a sense it can be seen as if you'd travel from the East into the centre of the Roman Empire as the song progresses.

All music composed and arranged by Adrian von Ziegler.

The artwork was created by this great artist:
© All audio material is copyrighted by Adrian von Ziegler.

듣기 편안한 라틴어에서 그레고리오 음악 중세 카톨릭 신비주의

연구 작업 등을 위해 악기 음악, 편안한 음악, 클래식 음악, 운동, 행복한 음악, 음악이 채널에서는 모든 종류의 음악을 찾을 수

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우리를 따라

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넷플릭스 [바바리안] 로마제국 시대 역사배경 설명

오늘은 게르만족의 역사를 다룬
[바바리안] 역사배경을 준비해보았습니다!

로마제국이 게르만족을 무시한 이유는 무엇이었을까요?
아르미니우스가 독일인들에게 어떤 의미일까요?

배우는 즐거움이 있는
본격 취미 탐구 라이프 채널!
조승연의 탐구생활 ‍♂️

insta. @totalintelli

#바바리안 #넷플릭스바바리안 #게르만족 #로마제국




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